Naxatras, psychedelic rock from Greece.

Naxatras, psychedelic rock from Greece.


A little while ago Naxatras played in Prague and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The concert was held in Klub 007 Strahov, and thanks to its “punk-never-dies” vibe it felt as if I was back to the early 2000s when underground places still represented the dream of change.

Before the concert started I got to interview John Vagenas, the bass player and vocalist of the band. Naxatras was formed in 2012 in the ancient lands of Thessaloniki, Greece. Their first album, Naxatras, came out in 2015 and was recorded in full analog and live techniques. “II” was released in 2016 and in September 2017 the band went on their third European tour. In February 2018 “III”, their latest masterpiece, was released.

It’s interesting how some characteristics of the band’s style have changed over 3 years, but through time remains a trippy and psychedelic vibe. With the album “Naxatras” the atmosphere is peculiar to the environment of jam sessions, whereas in “III” the band takes on songwriting, which is a new feature they hadn’t experienced with before. All members contribute equally and they don’t have a main composer, quite amazing I’d say, given the consistency of their work.

These guys play music with the sole intent to express themselves and enjoy what they’re doing. The band members are John Delias (guitar), Kostas Harazanis (drums) and John Vagenas (bass and vocals). Their magnetic vibe, warm like the Greek zephyr, is a great synthesis of what psychedelic hard rock is today: slivers of prog blend into the framework of constant heavy-psych sounds that will lead you to arcane and mysterious landscapes.

If you want to seize the enormous potential of this band you will have to let yourself go through the waves of their music that moves like the Aegean Sea, where Orient melts into Occident originates a great example of organic and transcending music.

If you think that psychedelic rock is “passé”, let yourself be surprised and once home download some of Naxatras on Spotify. Or, if you have the chance, go to one of their concerts and experience their passions for music.

I am a 29-year-old European citizen from Italy. I was born in a small town on the seaside about an hour drive from Rome. I’ve inherited from my father the passion for writing and music. I studied humanities at high school and joined the School of Music of Testaccio (Rome) for a 3-year-course focused on singing and percussions.
I came to Prague in 2014 while I was traveling around Europe: the atmosphere of the city captured me from the early beginning and it smelled like the right place to make new experiences and challenge myself.
I profoundly believe in the power of communication and in the possibility to turn diversity into a powerful positive tool for humanity: they just haven’t told us that it’s all about accepting how many times we’ll fail before we succeed.

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