Photo Reportage Marek Musil

Photo Reportage Marek Musil


Marek Musil began his career as a grunge musician in the 90s, having fallen under the spell of alternative rock, raging electric guitars, and most significantly, the magic of the drums. Ultimately, his experience in music convinced him that the power of a specific moment is worth capturing and saving. However, his time shooting black and white photos of bands, concerts and friends simply wasn’t enough to fulfil his creative aspirations. Marek wanted to see, hear, and live in colour. Following his decision to travel across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East with camera in hand, he settled for a while in Israel which soon became his second home. But it is in the United States where Marek discovered the controversial world of American commercialism and fashion photography which eventually allowed him to explore his full potential. In the present day, Marek finds himself in the role of an energetic photographer, taking pictures for leading Czech fashion labels and lifestyle magazines.           Instagram

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